Parents Talk

Dr. Ajit Bana
FORTIS Hospital

Counseling and placements are best done at Jayshree Periwal International School. They guide and help identify the hidden talents and help your children reach places you cannot imagine.

Dr. Ajay Data
(CEO) DATA Infosys

Witnessing excellent information technology infrastructure innovative and technology enhanced smart classrooms was excellent. I am certain this will provide my children the much needed platform to open windows to the whole world.

Usha Sharma

I love the concept of Day Boarding as the families are unclear and both parents are working. It gives complete education to my children specially with tie-ups with National & International sports and extra-curricular organizations.

Bhavana Jagwani
Social Activist

Art and design education at school level reaches its peak at Jayshree Periwal International School. My daughter has done the school and us proud by being at the forefront of Jewellery Design at London College of Fashion. But what I love the most about IB philosophy is the CAS. I, too, am involved as a parent and guide the volunteers working for Eye Bank Society.

Ashok Baheti

After my son did IBDP (11, 12 Std.), his admission is India Colleges became so easy. The research he undertook for BM Extended Essay and BM IA equipped him fully for Studying Business. He is presently studying BMS in HR College, Mumbai. IB gave him a platform for various career options like Finance, Engineering, CA, Genetics, Law, Nanotechnology etc.

Mr. & Mrs. Rajesh Mundra
IT Entrepreneur

I am grateful to Jayshree Periwal International School for having given my son the strong foundation to reach Babson College, USA. He will also save 6 months of college thanks to credits given by IB. Moreover, the training he received at school for completing his project independently and honestly is of immense help for college and for life. I thank the school for ingraining Academic honesty in my child.

Saurabh Kakkar
(Director) Shyam Telecom

IB Education at Jayshree Periwal International School for my kids in K.G. & Class Vi is relevant, exciting, adventurous, innovative, fun, holistic and makes your children ready to take on the competitive world.

Sangita Agrawal

Both my daughters did IB at Jayshree Periwal International School and even got a 100% scholarship at Singapore and a job in the first year itself which is paying Rs. 35,000 per month. This has been possible only due to the work culture and work ethics instilled by the school. I am grateful for the efforts of the school in making me understand the IB philosophy and involving me fully in my children's education.

Mrs. Deepti Gupta

My son is in Grade 7. Both of us are looking forward to the middle school. We understand the power of IB in changing lives. We thank God and Jayshree Periwal International School, offering this curriculum.

Timmie Kumar
Hotelier (Clarks Hotels)

The IB teachers at Jayshree Periwal International School are as good or even better than the IB teachers my son had at London. Jayshree Periwal International School has the most qualified and trained IB staff.

Janisht Golcha
Cornell, Northwestern (Murphy Scholar), Carnegie Melon – Batch of 2015

I will be a changed man once I set foot outside the realms of this school, and that can safely be attributed to the fact that the school assisted me in every endeavor I chose to uptake from the moment I set foot inside its boundaries. Whether it was helping achieve my academic goals and preparing for the SATs, or my dream of winning at a Model United Nations, or forcing me to begin with my college applications as early as 6 months before the deadline, the school backed me at every possible juncture. Most importantly, at JPIS, I was always inspired to think beyond my existing periphery, and work towards realizing what I thought once were unattainable dreams.

Simar Malhotra
Stanford, Princeton, Duke, UC Berkeley and many more – Batch of 2015

We call it the castle school. It really is, transcending the usual definition of just a school for me. It is a place where seemingly unreachable aspirations come true, dreams bigger than what you'd dreamt for yourself come alive. At each step you have a hand to grasp, holding you from falling. The support that I got here, to complete my college applications, prepare for the SATs, pursue my extra-curriculars was unthinkable. So here I am, at the threshold of kick starting my journey towards achieving my dreams and when I look back I don't think I'd have wanted to do it any other way. to institutes that are not just best in the country but are best in the world. My achievements would not have been the same without the guidance of my mentors at JPIS.