The JPIS Middle Years Curriculum acts as a bridge for students between the IB Primary Years

Program and the Cambridge IGCSE Program in Grade 9-10.

As we approach adolescence, we enter a critical phase of personal and intellectual

development and require a program that helps us participate actively and responsibly in a

changing and increasingly inter-related world. Learning how to learn and how to evaluate

information critically is as important as learning facts. Building on the units of Inquiry of the

PYP, through the JPIS MYC we move to the structured subject-based learning that we need

for the IGCSE, DP and beyond.

This holistic curriculum gives us a broad perspective of various subject areas and a set of

learning experiences. We participate in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social

Studies daily. We study French or Spanish as a World Language through the Middle School

years. The teaching of Mathematics draws heavily from the traditional Indian methodology

of practice and diligence and borrows from the Singaporean excellence in mathematics. This

comprehensive curriculum allows us to cater to our students through experiential learning

while also ensuring preparedness for the rigor of the examinations ahead. Physical

Education and health classes are a part of our schedule. Our curriculum in Art, Music, Dance

and Drama reflects a balance of Indian and international ethos. Information Technology and

Computer Science is taught not just as a tool but also as a subject covering areas in

Programming and Design. The curriculum has been structured and adapted to seamlessly

lead to IGCSE, and DP – the choice is ours.