At JPIS, students normally opt for 7 subjects as we encourage all our students to opt for the ICE Certificate. The maximum number of subjects which a student can opt for is 10. The following are the subjects which are offered at JPIS and they are grouped under 5 different categories as follows:

Group 1 Group 2 Group3 Group 4 Group 5
Languages Humanities & Sciences Sciences Mathematics Creative Technical & Vocational
English Economics Biology Additional Mathematics Accounting
Hindi Environmental Management Chemistry International Mathematics Art & Design
Spanish Geography Environmental Management Extended Mathematics Business Studies
French History Physics Computer Science
English Literature Information and Communication Technology
Physical Education

The selection of subjects are done after a meeting with the parents at the end of grade 8. The students inclination to the subject ability and future prospects are considered when the subjects are selected. Assessment takes the form of a final examination, which is marked in Cambridge by experienced International Examiners.

International Certificate of Education (ICE). To gain ICE, students need to pass a minimum of 7 IGCSE subjects.

Candidates who qualify for ICE will be graded in one of three categories
Distinction: Grade A or better in five subjects and Grade C or better in the remaining two.
Merit: Grade C or better in five subjects, and Grade F or better in the remaining two.
Pass: Grade G or better in all seven subjects.