Enhancement of creativity, innovation and vision remains the central focus of everything we do here at Jayshree Periwal International School. We are constantly exercising our minds to learn the techniques to generate ideas and to master a set of tools for creativity. This creativity is applied to life, both in individual and group settings.

Some examples of creativity and innovation in action would include making a Wastosaurus (dinosaur out of waste), choreography for the Annual Day Play, making paintings for sale at a literature festival, innovating a robot for daily use, making a business plan for an innovation coffee shop, dancing in sync without music, creating new painting styles and designs, etc. The list is endless since creativity is a way of life here.

Out–of-the-box thinking is strongly encouraged in the field of business management. Our Directors are members of TiE, a worldwide entrepreneurship promotion organization and this connection helps us instil Talent, Ideas and Enterprise within us. Our association with entrepreneurs as mentors provides us with an insight into what makes entrepreneurs tick. Innovation = Job Creation, Keeping this simple formula in mind we constantly exercise our mind in taking a particular technology of interest into commercial application. Our management strongly feels that we should be doing more to encourage individuals to start businesses and create jobs, which is ultimately the long-term solution for the country’s and the world’s economic woes. Regular visits to industry and businesses, and talks by business specialists are an inherent part of our business studies programme.

In addition, we constantly employ the latest technologies and innovations in education to ensure that our classrooms are producing children of tomorrow equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills that is needed in the outside world. For example, our little JPites of Grade 1 begin researching on IPads so that they can understand and become connected to the extent of information technology present in the world around..