Residential Facilities
There are single sex international boarding house accommodations.
Each room is air conditioned and shared by 4 students. The rooms are well lit with natural light and each student has a study table and wardrobe to themselves. It has a personal attached bathroom with 2 shower cubicles, 2 basins and 2WCs. Each storey has its own comfortably furnished common room with cable TV and ample space for socializing, reading area stocked with magazines and books, board games, music system etc. This is a great opportunity for inter- cultural, inter- regional and international interaction. Secure Wi-Fi connectivity is available for students to use with their laptops so that anytime anywhere learning can take place in the comfort of home. Both common rooms and bedrooms can be personalized by posters and favorite items. The students create a Home away from home....
Each floor is supervised by an experienced residential house parent, providing emotional support to the children.

All students belong to a small tutor group led by a faculty tutor who has responsibility for their personal welfare and academic progress. He/she is a personal mentor who counsels students on real life issues besides their academic concerns.

Medical Facilities
A well-equipped school Infirmary with a resident 'on campus' nurse and a visiting doctor cater to the prophylactic treatment and routine medical checks including emergencies, if any. Tie ups with Jaipur's best Hospitals have been made to ensure immediate care in case of any serious illness or injury. Regular Medical checkups and health clinics are organized to ensure a healthy body and a healthy mind.